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The best thing you can do to stay in tip top condition is to take care of yourself every day: get a little exercise, get a lot of sleep, eat nutritious food, and remember how to care for minor injuries (come see us if something serious occurs). Bookmark this page to learn new recipes, strategies, and preventive maintenance tips. Contact us about any subjects you’d like to know more!

  • Nagging Pain Millennium Rehabilitation Hinckley Parma

    Nagging Pain Won’t Take a Rest if You Do

    Work or Sports Injuries That Become Chronic Nagging Pain Won’t Go Away By Themselves That nagging pain that won’t go away – sprained ankle, pinched hamstring, stiff neck, sore shoulder – may stay and invite more discomfort, if you let it. No big deal, you think. …

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  • Physical Therapy For Depression Millennium Rehab Hinckley Parma

    Physical Therapy Fights Depression

    Along with Treating Chronic Pain, Physical Therapy Fights Depression Physical therapy may do more than treat the aches and pains related to work related orthopedic injuries, studies show it can help improve patients’ moods, too. Research has uncovered a link between pain and depression, suggesting that more …

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  • Heavy Christmas Millennium Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Ohio

    Don’t Let Low Back Pain Stop You from Exercise in the New Year

    Feeling Merry This Christmas? Careful: Heavy Lifting May Cause Low Back Pain! Despite the best intentions, a large segment of those resolving to exercise more in the New Year will be on the sidelines. The cause? A variety of injuries and conditions ranging from stress fractures and twisted …

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  • chronic pain relief without drugs

    A Guide to Chronic Pain

    Physical Therapist’s Guide to Chronic Pain Syndromes Chronic pain is a condition that occurs when the brain concludes there is a threat to a person’s well-being based on the many signals it receives from the body. This condition can and often does occur independently of …

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  • Fitness Any Age Millennium Rehabilitation Hinckley Parma

    Health Tips for Each Decade

    These decade-based health tips from physical therapists help you start healthy habits to stave off age-related health conditions. Use these age appropriate health tips as a starting point to build healthy habits for high quality of life living. 2 Tips for 20’s: Be active 30 …

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  • Manage Pain Physical Therapy Millennium Rehabilitation Hinckley Parma Ohio 225426601

    Ditch the Drugs. Manage Pain With Physical Therapy

    Manage Pain Safely and Sustainably: Insist on Physical Therapy Addiction arising from opioids used to manage pain is a growing concern among patients as well as doctors. The good news is there is a safe alternative, and it is not a pill. A recent opinion …

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